Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Wonderful Weekend

Above, is a poem that Scott wrote for my 22nd birthday.
It made me cry.

As you can tell, i just woke up. And i woke up to all these candles below.

With 22 licorice sticks spelling "I Love You"

And we got to go to fireworks the night before.

He made me this picture album with 22 pictures in it.

It was a special birthday.

This fireworks show is the biggest in North America. Louisville does it to celebrate the beginnign of the Kentucky derby.

And below is our visit to Southern Seminary.

We absolutely loved it, and we're making plans to attend the seminary in the fall.

Scott really like the library.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Answer to Prayer

Below was posted by my sister Janelle Johnson about her precious kids. Please pray!

Yesterday, Jason and I were able to talk to the kids! It was so good to hear their sweet little voices, although they sound so different on the phone.

We talked to Kalynn first. She said she is honoring Jesus.

When we talked to Paul, he said "Mom, I'm sad, I miss you Mom."

We didn't talk to Preston much. He doesn't have the patience to be still and talk on the phone.

Courtney held the phone up to Anna's ear. She didn't say anything, but Courtney said she was waiving "bye bye" to us.

It was so good to hear their voices and be able to tell them how much we love them.

I talked to Courtney for a few minutes. She said everything is going "really well". Anna has an ear infection and is on an anti-biotic. The kids all leave really early in the morning for their daycare, and do not get home until after 6:00. (Courtney works full time and is also in nursing school.)

This morning, I got a phone call from Rayman Kilgore, the child service worker. He said he got a frantic call from Courtney at around 7:00 this morning. He couldn't understand her, because she sounded so upset. He said that Courtney and the kids are having a difficult transition. Courtney has called him numerous times, and has been very frustrated. He was going to call her back and remind her that she can "get out of this", but she seems very determined to do this for her cousin Karen.

Will you pray that the Lord will soften her heart to the idea of Jason and I adopting them? The kids need love, time, attention, and Christ. God knows, and I am so thankful to have hope in Him.