Monday, August 30, 2010

Lucy's 4 Months Old!

Well, I thought I'd just blog a bit on how Lucy's changing before I forget all the details. She's already four months old and still the sweetest thing ever! One of her favorite things to do is slide down Scott's legs or be smothered in raspberry kisses! She just giggles so much more than at 3 months. Her favorite toys besides the playgym is the tv-radio that Aunt Jodi and Uncle Ryan gave her. Whenever she's a little cranky, she cheers up when I wind it up and it plays the Farmer in the Dell. She hasn't rolled over yet, but she's acquired quite the stomach muscles. Sometimes I'll have her sitting up in a kind of reclined fashion and she'll pull herself forward and if I don't watch her she'll end up on her forehead. :) She loves baths even more now and enjoys splashing Momma. She kicks her legs and pounds her arms in the water. She loves relaxing in the pool. She likes to go to sleep to her seahorse Patti. She always has liked that toy because it lights up and plays lullabies. She's recently gone through a growth spurt and is almost too small for her current prefolds, so i had to buy the next size already. She loves her times with Daddy when I'm at work in the afternoons. He tells me that they often lay under the playgym together. He said he puts a jacket on top of it and makes it like a tent and she loves it. Lucy is still a really good baby. She always goes down for her naps really good. I don't even need to rock her. She's starting sucking her thumb once in a while and it's so adorable! She also still tries to put all of her fingers in her mouth. She still spits up A LOT, but it doesn't bother. Anyway, we're still so grateful for this amazing miracle God has blessed us with. We love you Lucy and pray for you to love Jesus!