Monday, November 15, 2010

Interested in Cloth Diapers?

I recently became a cloth diaper parties consultant for because I enjoy cloth diapering and wanted to share it with others. Unlike other consultant party businesses, this one will actually save you money. Besides being good for your wallet, cloth diapers are good for your baby's bum and for the environment. So let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the info.

Why have a cloth diaper party?

Cloth diapering has changed so much in the past 10 years. Now there is a cloth diapering solution for almost any type of family out there! Whether you are looking for the least expensive, easiest, the hippest, the most practical, or the quick on the go solution, you have options. But, many moms don’t figure out a system that works best for them until they spend their cloth diaper budget on 5 different systems. So what’s the best way to start deciding what cloth diaper is right for you? Take a look at them, feel them, get to actually see what they are before you purchase them.

Perks for hosting a cloth diaper party:

Aside from the getting to actually see/feel the different cloth diapers, we have added a few incentives to get cloth diapers out there.

First, as the hostess, you will receive a 10% credit on the total purchase from your party! So if the ladies order $500 worth of diapers from the party- then you receive $50 in store credit, $1000 sold, you receive $100 credit!

Plus, everyone who orders at the party gets free shipping. - That includes ANY items you purchase(organic toys, breast pads, slings, birth supplies and much more in the catalog!)

Check out everything this website offers

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Lucy 6 Months and Organizing my Scattered Brain

Lucy turned 6 months on October 30th. At her 6 month checkup she weighed 15 pounds, 25 inches long. She averages in the 10-25 percentile, although her head is in the 5th percentile. It is such a joy to us to watch her develop. After her visit to the pediatrician, it was like she said "ok Mom and Dad, I'm older now!" because it was like she suddenly acted older and started rolling over all the time and showing her personality. She started jabbering more and she definitely knows who her Mommy and Daddy are now. My favorite thing is when I get home from work and see her she yells out in glee...she's just so happy to see me! I love it! On monday her she began cutting teeth. I could feel them and see them coming in on the bottom. She even bled a little bit. poor thing! But now they are all the way through. They are going to be so cute! Also a few days ago she started getting up on her hands and knees. It wont be long before she's crawling and getting into everything. She had peas for the first time this week and is just starting to get the hang of eating from a spoon. Yesterday, Scott fed her sweet potatoes and she likes those too! She's a petite chubby little thing! So that's what's new in Lucy's world.

As to my overall life, I feel quite scatterbrained and really am feeling the need to organize my life to be more disciplined. Honestly, I watch too much tv. It's no wonder I don't have time to get organized. I'm not making the time to think through my desires and goals in life. So i asked my good friend Jessalyn Hutto for some advice. She has an inspiring blog at
So I wondered if she had ever done a post on keeping a schedule as a mom so as to accomplish your goals. She gave me some very helpful resources to look at for guidance. This first one offers helpful downloads for a home management book.
The second one talks about a home management book and how to use it.
It is overwhelming right now to look at, but I'm going to try my best to focus on one thing at a time.
"If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time."