Saturday, October 17, 2009

News the Size of a Lemon (for now)

According to Baby Center our little baby is about the size of a lemon right now. We are so excited to announce this news. The ultrasound pictures you see above were taken at 6 weeks. They did an early ultrasound for us since we had a miscarriage back in January, when we lost our precious Hope. It was very reassuring and my heart melted when I saw the fast little heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. So today, we are 12 weeks along and doing well. I believe I'm starting to break free from the nausea and fatigue I was feeling for a while. It's nice to be able to brush my teeth without having the urge to throw up. Now my main issue is with my joints. Right now I really need an adjustment or something. I can't hardly bend over without having pain in my joints, and I mean pain. But I am so happy to have any of this pain and inconvenience to welcome our baby into the world. We are so blessed by God and grateful for his blessings. Every good and perfect gift is from above... James 1:17 Above is a picture of a sweater I started to make for the baby.
And here's a belly pick. Can't really see a legit bump yet. I'm just feeling awkwardly thicker. We're still debating if we should find out the gender or not. Although Scott's so sure it's a boy. He cannot wait to have someone to play hotwheels with. I say that, but I myself have my inklings. I would almost bet on a girl. :) I keep telling Scott to stop offending her when he calls the baby boy names. Anyway, i suppose you may be waiting to hear the due date. The big day is May 1st! Or I like to say April 30th!

Lots of decisions are playing in my mind: What colors to do the nursery? Cloth diapers or disposable? Finding out the gender or not? vaccines?? and many more decisions to come that I don't even know about I'm sure. So we definitely appreciate your prayers as this little "lemon" grows and as we become parents with a great responsibility.

Praise the LORD, O my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits.