Thursday, January 31, 2008

answering phones and changing diapers

well, for those of you who don't know, I am a receptionist/hr assistant at a place called Home Instead Senior Care. no, it's not a nursing home, we provide caregivers or cna's to go to homes of seniors so they don't have to go to the nursing homes etc. it's really neat and i enjoy being the receptionist and helping with hiring and all. in fact, i did my first drug screen (urine test) on someone today. and as the picture shows, i am constantly on the phone. i am comfortable with that. but, what always gets me, is the times where i have to be "back up." they tried to prepare me for this when i was hired. every 7 weeks or so i have to be back up for that whole week, which means if they call me at one in the morning i jump up and head to the clients house where i will change from being a receptionist to a caregiver. i can handle simple companionship caregiving, however, i was faced with the possibility of having to change one heavy man's diaper. yikes! thankfully my relief arrived just at that moment. the next day at work someone showed me how to change an adult diaper using a bottle. but at least it helps me picture the procedure better. so anyway, my next week of back up isn't till march, however, today i had to go to a shift. Don't ask! and it was supposedly 7 miles away. i drove around for over an hour and couldn't find it, i was so stressed out. you know, i'm knew to louisville and no one told me there were two roads with the exact same name. so anyway, today was a bit stressful. but i really think it's neat what my company does. it's actually a franchise. and the owners are great people. there are probably 500 of these companies around the states and a few in other countries. you should check it out. just google Home Instead Senior Care. if you're looking to be caregiver (maybe it's more your calling) they seem to be always hiring. i'm sure i'll have more stories for you later. maybe i can tell about the lady i cared for at a hospital.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

our new paint job

above is a before picture of our table and wall

well, me and scott did a little work this week and weekend.
we decided to paint one wall in our apartment and the table that mismatched everything else.
it's my favorite color!

we need some advice on how to arrange the above shelf.

i love how it looks all together

i love this table runner from target. it looks pink in the pic. but those are reds and marunes.
we found some fabric that matched perfectly. so we put it on the newly painted chairs.

and here is an after picture
by the way, i want your opinion.
should we paint the middle line brown to match the table or leave it white?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

praise God from whom all blessings flow

well, i just want to praise the Lord because my husband got a new job. last week, we got on our knees before the Lord and asked Him to provide the work for scott. i felt peace that my heavenly Father would take care of it all. and sure enough, a couple of days later, scott had an interview and on the spot was offered the job. he was so excited, and so was i. why do i ever worry when i can trust Him?

Monday, January 14, 2008

memory box

I bet you're wondering what's in the box.
to find out, check out my photo album on facebook.

hint: it's about us