Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Family of Three

Well, life is busy in our family of three. Scott started classes at the University of Louisville this semester after graduating at the seminary. We've taken advantage of our UPS benefits, as they pay complete tuition for the U of L. Scott's enjoying his classes in accounting which has confirmed the decision to pursue that area of education. And we'll see where the Lord takes us with this. He continues to work UPS third shift, and I'm thankful for his hard work. It's not an easy job especially when your schedule is completely different than everyone else. We definitely look forward to the day when we go to bed together and wake up together. I continue to work afternoons at the MultiCare Centre as the office manager. I'm thankful it's working out to be able to help Scott get done with school faster. Scott watches Lucy while I'm at work and definitely enjoys that Daddy time. He really is a good daddy. He's smitten with her.
Maybe some of you working mothers who still breast feed know the struggle of pumping enough milk for while you're gone. It's like a constant struggle to pump enough and it sure is a pain. Let me just say I hate pumping, but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't worth it for Lucy's sake. On a plus side, it's definitely helped me lose some of the baby weight. In fact, just in the past week, I've noticed that Lucy must be eating more because I will be starving all the time. After just eating 1-2 hours ago, my stomach will be growling. And I think I just lost 2 pounds in a week or 2 without exercising. Exercising is always something on my mind. I'm always trying to get back to Jillian Michael workouts on video which have helped me a lot, but I'm not very consistent. It i nice, however, to continually see progress in fitting into my clothes again. Pants I thought I would never get over my thighs again, finally fit me well again without even having to do the trick of looping the rubberband through the button hole to extend the waste line. ha. I still can't believe how much weight I gained in that pregnancy.
Anyway, Lucy is doing very well. She is now 5.5 months old! Her favorite thing for the last month and a half has been the exersaucer. She could play in that thing for forever until she gets tired of course. at 4.5 months she rolled over, but has only done it one more time since then. She's strong enough to do it, but never figures out she needs to move her arm to be able to roll over. She pushes herself way up while lying on her belly now. so that's a new thing. She just started learning more about the noises she can make. She started screaching and squealing and seems to like hearing it. About a week and a half ago I started putting rice cereal into her bottle while I'm at work. She eats that fine. She's a healthy little chickpea and hasn't been sick yet (knock on wood). She likes wearing all the crocheted items mommy makes her and I have fun making them. I finally got back that desire and motivation to be creative again. ha. I probably need to give Lucy a trim really soon because she kind of has a mullet, but I keep putting that off. She is just the sweetest and cutest thing! And I'm so thankful to be her Mommy. I'm so thankful for our family of three!