Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"You're My Favorite"

married two years

Today, August 5th, we celebrate two years of marriage to each other.

It was July of 2001 when it all began. I noticed a stunning soccer player (at soccer camp) walking down the rows of tables in the dining hall. In my mind it played like a movie in slow motion with music in the background. I still remember the light blue gap shirt he was wearing and how it made his eyes stand out. And then I remember the handshake and the place I was standing right outside of the dining hall where I met him a few days later. These are my silly but precious first memories of my best friend and husband.
My mother asked me the other day if marriage is all I thought it would be. Not thinking real hard I told her "of course." But when I thought more about it, marriage is definitely not how I pictured it. Marriage is harder than I thought (I am a selfish person), yet marriage is much more rewarding and meaningful than I had ever thought. To have each other to share EVERYTHING with gives us an amazing bond that can't be explained. We share beliefs, time, memories, feelings, opinions, things, family, friends, experiences, good times, bad times. Because of this bond that is only possible because of Christ, I can squeeze my husband and tell him he's my bestest friend. And to have my husband look me straight in the eyes and say "April, you're my favorite!" gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment.

I don't pretend to know everything about marriage. I've only just begun. Everyone says that once children come everything changes. But I look forward to sharing those future times with my husband. There will be hard times. But I have someone to share them with. And that means so much to me. Scott, not only are you my best friend, but YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!

This was in 2002 at the Mall of America

This was in 2001, first pic together (the pic above that is)