Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Days in Louisville

Well, Scott and I are now residents of Kentucky. Louisville that is. We have enjoyed our first week and a half here as much as you can when you're searching for jobs and unpacking. Our next door neighbors have been so friendly and helpful already. They are seminary students as well. And we really enjoyed the church we visited on Sunday. We are also really blessed to already have some friends here. Brad and Teresa Anderson moved here from Pembine, Wisconsin just a few months before we did. Although, we were planning to move here before they planned to. So, I have enjoyed the time we've had here so far. However, I must say that my least favorite thing has been filling out applications and going to job interiews. It wears me out! The picture below is at the end of a day of long interviews. I had had an interview at a huge five star hotel for a front desk job as well as an interview at a Bank for a teller position. I also applied at Pier 1, Banana Republic, Target, a babysitting job, starbucks, and a temp agency for a receptionist job. So that explains my face in the picture below.
Brad and Teresa!

We call them our food friends because whenever they come over they bring tons of food that they've gotten from second harvest. We have so much fun with them. And when me and Teresa get together we get kind of crazy. It all began when we started working together at Northland.

The Chinese characters framed below are me and Scott's Chinese names in ancient chinese writing. Stella bought it for us as a gift when we were in China this summer.

This is our kitchen.

And this is our new bedroom set. we love it!


Katie said...

Good work on the job hunt April! I know it's full-time work and a pain. I'm praying you'll have some results soon! I love the pics of your new apt. and hope I can see it in person before the baby comes. Are you visitng a new church tomorrow? I'm playing the piano, rather unexpectedly as we've only been there 4 Sundays, so pray that it goes well. :) I'll call you Sunday afternoon. Love you!

mitchells2000 said...

You're apt. looks good... are you living on campus? What churches are you trying out? Do you have to go to a Southern Baptist church? Hope all goes well with the job hunt! We need to get together!

the johnson crew said...

i am so proud of you april. your apartment is beautiful.

i love you and miss you.

undergroundcrowds said...

tell Brad and Teresa we said "hi". Hope we get to visit you guys next summer on a road trip. We want to go to the Creation Museum, but we'll see. Nice to know all ya all are in the same town.