Friday, September 21, 2007

what's new

well, a lot of new things have happened since i last blogged. One, my next door neighbor invited me to a party that was being held at her house. apparently, this group of 12 woman get together every month at a different person's house to play games and eat dinner. it was a lot of fun. and i finally got to meet more people. quite a few of them live in these apartments. and some of them were telling me about their church. so scott and i went to their church on wednesday. everyone made us feel so welcome. they actually had already heard about me from one of the girls at the party. we really enjoyed that church. they were such a blessing to us. they are really small, but they seem to be growing so much. just in the past week three people had gotten saved that they had been witnessing to for a while. so it was a blessing to see that. also, another exciting thing that is more recent news is that I Got A Job! the temp agency finally called and said i'd be starting as a receptionist at an engineering firm on monday. it's pretty good pay, and it sounds like it would get better when i'm not going through the agency anymore. so i am really excited about it, although i'll probably feel a little nervous on monday morning. this company is pretty big. they build all different things like hospitals, libraries, churches, schools.... it's a pretty solid company. anyway, that is a blessing to us. i've been waiting for that call for a week. while i've been enjoying the comforts of my apartment, i've also been drenching my socks every time i walk into the kitchen. the sink or something around there has started to leak. and we aren't sure where it's leaking exactly. i called maintenance yesterday before five and they told me they didn't have anyone to come fix it. they told us not to use the sink or dishwasher. very funny. how am i supposed to get away with not using the sink? and this morning it's 10:16 and they still haven't come. hm...well at least they have to fix it and not us. i just hope they come before they have to fix water damage. but overall we are really enjoying our new home in louisville.


Kelly Glupker said...

You probably don't know me, but I went to school with your sisters. My name then was Kelly Rademacher. My husband and I live in Louisville and are here for seminary. We go to Highview Baptist Church (east campus) and have a great young marrieds Sunday school class. You are more than welcome to come. If there is anything we can do to help you guys out, please let us know. I'm not sure where you all are living, but we live very close to the seminary.

the johnson crew said...

hey april... that's the kelly i was telling you about. you should check out their church.

anyways, i am so sorry, you lost your job and i am glad you got your sink fixed. wow, a lot has happened since you wrote this post.

i love you,